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What Is A Prepper? Normal, Just Like You


With the pandemic that we’ve all just experienced still looming overhead, many people are turning to prepping as a way to feel more secure about their lives if something goes wrong. But what is a prepper? How does prepping work exactly?

Preparing for the unexpected is a difficult thing to do. It’s hard enough when you’re planning for what may happen, but what about if something does happen? What then? This is where preppers come into play.

A prepper is someone who prepares themselves and their families for emergencies of all kinds to ensure they will be able to survive after an emergency occurs. To learn more about who these people are, read on!

What is a prepper?

A prepper is someone who prepares themselves and their families for emergencies of all kinds to ensure they will be able to survive after an emergency occurs. Preparing is a difficult process, so preppers make sure that everything possible is done ahead of time to keep everyone safe and secure.

A typical day could involve preparing meals or supplies with food, water, clothes, medicines- anything you’ll need if disaster strikes.

Preppers want to be prepared for any emergency that could happen and make sure their families are also ready. They do this by storing food in case there’s a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane; stocking up on water and other supplies so they can survive without the necessities for a while, and having contingency plans set up when the power goes out to ensure everyone has access to what they need at all times.

These people want to be prepared for whatever might come their way, which is why preppers have tons of backup plans.

Prepping isn’t just about preparing for disasters- it means being careful with your money too! There may never come a time where you’ll need everything you’ve saved, but if it does, then those who were responsible will actually be able to weather the storm.

Why do people become preppers?

People become preppers for several reasons. Some do it to prepare for natural disasters like an earthquake or hurricane; some people have limited access to food and water, so they stock up on what they need in case the supply runs out, while others do it because there’s no telling when a power outage will happen, so they’re prepared with backup plans if one does occur.

Preppers are also careful with their money- many save as much as possible and invest wisely just in case anything ever happens.

It can be helpful to think about prepping as something that helps protect against disaster and financial troubles down the line.

Individuals sometimes become preppers due to concerns over terrorism and global warming or because they feel what is happening in the world will lead to a time of chaos.

All these people share a concern for their future, which has led them to become preppers.

Common misconceptions about preppers and why they’re wrong

Many people believe that preppers are weirdos, or mentally unstable, or people who don’t trust other people.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, though it is true that some preppers are worried about what might happen in the future, and they want to prepare for it so that they’re not caught off guard – just like you have emergency supplies at home in case of a storm or fire.

Prepping requires dedication, discipline, and patience; those qualities aren’t usually associated with mental instability.

When one becomes a prepper, they accept responsibility for themselves and their loved ones because preparation isn’t something somebody can do for you – you have to do it for yourself.

Here are some common myths about preppers:

Preppers are paranoid

Preppers aren’t necessarily paranoid people; they just want to be prepared for the worst. This doesn’t make them unbalanced, but on the contrary: being a prepper means you’re level-headed and calculating.

Preppers don’t spend their days expecting something bad will happen at any moment or feeling that they are about to die from a disaster that could occur tomorrow; instead of preparing just in case, many preppers prepare because they have seen what happens when natural disasters strike unprepared people – such as those who lived through Hurricane Katrina.

Some think it is paranoid of preppers to believe we live in an increasingly dangerous world where anything can happen unexpectedly (hence “prepping”).

However, statistically speaking, anyone can find themselves caught off guard by events like economic downturns or natural disasters. Preppers are just staying one step ahead of the game by being prepared.

Preppers are usually wealthy

It doesn’t take millions of dollars to be a prepper – in fact, many preppers are just ordinary people who happen to have a little bit of extra savings.

Preppers can be from any socio-economic background and wealth level. However, it is usually wealthy individuals that are able to do what others cannot afford – like having a personal bunker built for their family or purchasing large amounts of supplies without breaking the bank.

This may lead some people to think that being prepared should only concern those with money when anyone can find themselves needing emergency supplies such as food and water if disaster strikes unexpectedly.

Regardless of where you fall within the spectrum of income levels, everyone would benefit by ensuring they always have an emergency kit on hand at all times and having a basic preparation strategy.

Preppers have a bunker mentality

Not all preppers have a bunker mentality. Preppers are individuals who take steps to prepare for the unexpected. Sure, this could definitely mean getting a bunker ready, but most often, it just means being prepared for a natural disaster, financial instability, or other emergencies.

The truth of the matter is that preppers are people who take control over their lives and what happens to them. They prepare themselves not just mentally but also physically for potential disasters life throws at us all.

All prepper talk is about the end of the world, zombies, and nuclear war

This is far from what preppers talk about. Preppers are talking about what could happen and how they will be ready for it. Preppers talk realistically about what will work during an event rather than the end of the world scenario.

Preppers discuss what to do when there is no food available on the shelves or gas in their car. They don’t think, “What am I going to do when zombies invade?” They have planned ahead with supplies just in case those things ever happened, so they know they can survive through anything life throws at them!

A lot of prepper talk is centred around specific disaster scenarios such as nuclear warfare or pandemic outbreaks (like swine flu); this is true. This is because these events would require preparations that other disasters might not. If the pandemic we are living in has taught us anything, it is that most of us are not prepared for if disaster strikes.

The only thing preppers do is hoard food and supplies for themselves while they wait out the apocalypse in their bunkers 

Preppers are a varied group of people that includes many different walks of life. This could be your neighbour, your boss, the guy who pumps your gas, etc. These people aren’t just hiding away; they are contributing members of society who are just invested in their family’s survival and well-being.

Some preppers are more “extreme” than others, but what differentiates a prepper from an average person is the thought they put into how to prepare for disasters that might be outside of their control (such as EMPs or blackouts).

A lot have planned what they would do if disaster strikes-would they head to the hills with their bug-out bag? Would they stay with family or friends? What about staying where they are and fighting it off from there; how will they survive without power or water until help arrives?

Preparing beforehand ensures you’ll always be ready no matter what comes your way.

Prepping means you’re going to live off-grid or bugging out into the woods with your survival gear

Prepping can mean all sorts of things, depending on who you are and what your skillsets are. For some, it might mean stockpiling food for a natural disaster that may happen in the next five years-perhaps there’s going to be an earthquake or flood; for others, prepping means building up their emergency fund, so they’ll have money if something crops up like job loss.

While some people see preppers as being paranoid nutjobs with guns (or worse), most of us want to prepare for whatever life throws at us while still enjoying all the luxuries we currently enjoy—like our cars, electronics, houses etc.

Some preppers take this responsibility very seriously by studying how to live off-grid or focusing on bugging out into the woods with their survival gear; others plan ahead so that they are prepared.

There is no one-size-fits-all with preppers.

The benefits of being a prepper

There are a ton of different benefits of being a prepper. It can be as simple as being prepared for a power outage so that you don’t have to go out and buy batteries the minute it happens; or having an emergency cash fund in case your job is at risk of going down the drain, there’s always something good about being prepared!

  • Preparing for emergencies is a smart idea.  
  • Being a prepper means being proactive and not reactive to life’s challenges. 
  • Preppers have more peace of mind and less stress knowing they are prepared.
  • Preppers have skills mastered that can mean the difference in an emergency.
  • Preppers are part of a great social community.
  • Preparing for emergencies can help you save money and plan ahead for your future.

Final thoughts on being a prepper

There are many different types of preppers, and they don’t all live in bunkers. Prepping is a lifestyle that can benefit anyone who wants to be prepared for anything life throws their way.

Be it natural disasters or economic instability, being a prepper isn’t just about living out your days on the edge of society as an outsider. It’s about making sure you’re able to take care of yourself when things get tough, so you can still enjoy the good times with friends and family.

Have you tried any form of preparation? What kind of prepper do you think you are? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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